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Made in Sierra Leone

Made in Sierra Leone

Made in Sierra Leone is a Country brand. Like many other countries in the world, Sierra Leone is making waves in the tourism and business platforms with its MADE IN SIERRA LEONE brand and apparel. This is simply a marketing strategy often used by many countries to sell out their brands and put themselves high in the global and branding perspective.

What is the significance of Country Branding?

Many countries especially in Europe and America have their own brands with their name tag on them. For example, Made in the UK, Made in China, and Made in the USA among many others. These brands have had an enormous competition amongst themselves in terms of quality, affordability, and durability. These three countries have similar products which they make or co-make. Even though they are competitors, they engage in their competition in a healthy manner that promotes their culture, boosts their economy and class as well as makes their country a place of tourist attraction. Country branding yields an important benefit:


Data shows that products made in the UK have contributed immensely towards the economic growth thereby increasing their gross domestic product (GDP) and has led to many employments. The “Made in China” brand has faced a historical challenge from the US Cold war media campaigns that gave a negative report about the brand. This led to some significant economic loss but as time progresses, we’ve seen “Made in China” taking the lead in major electronic products and other items which has contributed to a significant increase in their economic and social status thereby boosting their country as one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the Despite their competition, all these countries that have had their brands have made a significant gain in boosting their economy and social status. Focus on.


Branding has contributed greatly to boosting the tourism sector of any country. We’ve seen over the years how people from all over the world want to visit China, the USA, and the UK because of its immense contribution to the global market as a result of its brand products and sites.

Where does Sierra Leone stand with Country Branding?

Sierra Leone is slowly making its way into the global tourism sector with its country brand. Recently, most business owners are striving towards branding their products. This drive has contributed greatly towards boosting the economy through tourism and culture. If you look around you can see that we have many brand T-shirts, hoodies, bags, purses, necklaces, slippers, and other apparel with country branding. These products are gradually making it to some global online marketplace which is great step for Sierra Leone.

However, one of the greatest challenges with selling Sierra Leone products to the rest of the world is the availability of international shipping. Whilst DHL is one of the top international shippers in Sierra Leone, the cost of shipping to the rest of the world is relatively expensive compared to other countries that have high volume of products to export out of the country. The government recently worked with shipping companies to broker a better pricing structure for the shipping of products from Sierra Leone to the rest of the world. This action by the government is one of the by- products of the Sierra Leone local content policy.

How important is Sierra Leone Local Content?

The Sierra Leone Local content policy being an act of parliament bridge the linkages between foreign companies and the local economy. The overall aim of this policy is to promote local products through the utilization of local resources and promote the integration of Sierra Leoneans in all economic activities. The policy also seeks to develop the human and institutional capacity of Sierra Leoneans. This is done through the transfer of Knowledge, training, and technological applications from foreign firms to Sierra Leoneans; this has helped promote the employment of Sierra Leonean citizens in the private sector. Since independence, we’ve had little or no companies that are making products that are solely from Sierra Leone. Recently, we’ve seen plastic bowls and chairs being manufactured exclusively in Sierra Leone by the Milla group of companies and some other companies. These activities create jobs and help boost the economy.

 IC Royale is one of the vendors making waves for its focus on local products from Sierra Leone. 247bigmarket has partnered with IC Royale and offers their products on the website. Hurry now and visit IC Royale store to support products made in Sierra Leone.


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