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Becoming a vendor on 247bigmarket platform

In this 21st century, businesses’ success sometimes becomes dependent on accessibility via traditional and digitized means. Companies offering online purchasing with delivery or pick-up choices instantaneously possess an edge over businesses without an online presence.

247big market, a product of BAAJA Technologies LLC, is an online platform ( created for businesses within Sierra Leone to trade their products with ease based on partnership with platform owners. Residents of other countries besides Sierra Leone can make purchases for themselves to be delivered to proxies within Serra Leone only.

This platform provides the ease of transacting directly with businesses and customers with the secured knowledge that issues such as scamming and unreliability are eliminated.

Becoming a vendor is a rigorous yet straightforward process that entails excellent service delivery requirements at its core.

The first step in becoming a vendor is proving existence as a registered business entity with an updated tax record for at least a year.

To maintain a constant follow-through on orders, access to twenty-four-hour internet is also an essential requirement.

Businesses vying to be vendors on the platform must maintain a clear inventory and possess the capability of explaining their inventory management process, which generally suggests the demand & supply efficiency.

When a business is approved to operate on the platform, it will be assigned a dedicated business website at no cost. Sierra Leoneans worldwide will be able to shop specific business/vendors within Orders can be picked up or delivered based on established terms and conditions of the business/vendor. Business/Vendor invoices are paid bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the contractual agreement. Businesses/vendors with proven sales history within the platform will qualify for prepaid account privilege.

After multiple warnings, businesses/vendors that fail to maintain the required service and operational standards will be removed from the platform.

Businesses/ vendors in the following cities are encouraged to contact us if you meet the criteria outlined above:

  • Makeni
  • Bo
  • Kono
  • Kenema is created with your family in mind. Become a business partner with Sierra Leone’s # 1 online marketplace.

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